Lorna Hitchens
Art work



Lorna Hitchens is predominantly a figurative artist. She works with oils and watercolours making personal investigative studies of the human form, primarily concentrating on painting the male figure.
She originally trained as a Three-Dimensional Designer/ Artist and is a self-taught painter studying the specialist techniques and approaches to fine art from the Old Masters, in particular Titian, Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Artemisia Gentileschi.
Her lifelong fascination with the male form and its intrinsic beauties has seen her challenge traditional ideas of beauty and of societys’ obsession with female imagery.
Lorna is particularly interested in the dichotomy that she observes in her male muses. This reveals itself when she captures the inherent strength of mans masculinity alongside the inevitable vulnerability of the individual. Paintings such as Grief, Youth and Then and Now are superb examples of the Artists convictions on canvas.
Lorna lives and works in Herefordshire. She teaches drawing and painting skills to adults with a wide range of backgrounds and abilities.
"My exploration of portraiture is an in-depth study of human emotions and experiences, in particular the suppression of male vulnerability".




Lorna teaches courses in Painting, life drawing and sculpture.



Regular exhibitions are held at Rocklands Studio and other venues across Herefordshire and Southern England.